dinamo zagreb - omonia

UEFA Europa League
Asian Handicap
Pick: omonia +1.5
Odds: 1.72
Stake: 1

Match date: 20/07/2021

This game may be boring because Omonia usually plays stone age football with tight defense and zonal marking and know to play on the result. I remember them from last season when they met Red Star and honestly speaking, Omonia was equally deserved to pass further but my team had more luck back then. Karma now? Don't know but, it's a good moment for Omonia to surprise favorite. 

Dinamo entered the season with a 3-2 vs Icelandic Valur at home and a 2-0 win in Iceland. Key players missed in this game and in the first loss of the season, where Dinamo lost to Slaven Belupo at home field. Shocking result for Dinamo before an important game. Some would say, oh but wait, the key players were missing but anyway, who guarantees you key players are already ready to get back into form after holidays.  For me, there is no doubt. The current coach Damir Krznar is not the level for Dinamo senior team, as this group needs close man-management. I can feel there are not enough open hands anyway for Krznar in Dinamo and this won't work for long. Two, three bad games, and he is gone. The second bad game might be already today.

Omonia is nothing special on the paper but they know how to defend and can defend for 90 minutes concentrated. Is a mix of nations in this team and even if there is no big patriotic ambition inside the players, those are all professionals aware of what the next stages in CL can bring them. Norwegian coach Berg does a decent job since 2019 and it's important that I know his side will die on the pitch today to stay undefeated. 

From that perspective, going for +1.5 doesn't sound unreasonable and I will follow my guts on this. Can imagine 1-0 or 0-0 today. My odds for this line is around 1,55

LOST Score: 2:0 Profit: -1
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  • 1
    Magnus 20/07/2021 11:43:25
    Dinamo has one of the strongest squads in the last 10-15 years, had one of the best seasons last year, one loss means nothing, this could also trigger them to give more in this game, but the line is high.
  • 2
    Jugoslav 20/07/2021 11:55:15
    indeed.. thank you for your comment man! best of luck
  • 3
    Eazy 20/07/2021 16:41:34
    Tailing Boss. Let's cash this bad boy
  • 4
    Magnus 20/07/2021 22:50:59
    Dinamo cant play 2 bad games in a row, strongest 11 today to show a reaction and it was what was needed...better luck in next one

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