Deportivo Morón vs Barracas Central

Asian Handicap
Pick: Barracas +0,25
Odds: 1.672
Stake: 1

Match date: 29/08/2021

If it were a common party, it would enter the same because the Barracas Central campaign with or without help is being very good.

Today he is the absolute pointer and can take a 5 point advantage if he wins this match

De Paoli's team has gone 13 games without losing, impressive

On the other hand, the good team of Moron that becomes strong at home is true but I do not see strong rivals in that streak and it comes from losing to an Institute that came with a very bad streak after winning

Very poor performance in his last game for Moron

But there are extra data that invite me to put more in this game

That's right, the referee they put in for this game has a rather shady background and I would not be surprised that just today there is a hand for Barracas in a game where if he wins, he completely detaches himself from his rivals

It never hurts to clarify that Barracas Central is the team of the president of the AFA, Chiqui Tapia

So for performance and for supposed aids, it is impossible not to enter strong in this pick

LOST Score: 2:0 Profit: -1
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