Defensa y Justicia vs Coquimbo

Copa Sudamericana
Asian Handicap
Pick: Defensa -1
Odds: 1.693
Stake: 1

Match date: 16/01/2021
Semi final, second leg and defense and justice after 0-0 has no choice but to win or win if he does not want to be left out or avoid penalties
For me he has more equipment, he was reinforced even better for this instance with the side Delgado and the scorer Bou
Coquimbo I have already been saying, he comes to this instance because he had very weak rivals and a Junior affected by Covid
In his domestic tournament he marches in the last places
Already in the first leg I deserved to win defense
So I'm going to trust Crespo's team"
WIN Score: 4:2 Profit: +0.69
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