Defensa y Justicia vs Arsenal

Asian Handicap
Pick: Defensa -0.75
Odds: 1.97
Stake: 1

Match date: 25/04/2021
The calls have not yet come out but on the Defense side I hope he will do his best because he took many substitutes to Ecuador and he kept the best material here in Buenos Aires 
I'm talking about Brian Romero, today at a tremendous level, Walter Bou, Enzo Fernandez, Miguel Benitez
Everyone should start today against arsenal, it would be strange to have them unemployed without playing so many days And we are talking about a team that comes with morale on the rise, recent winner of the South American Cup against Palmeiras, during the week it comes from taking a point from independent of the valley in the height
It remains to straighten the local tournament a bit. Well, this is where you have to win if or if to continue with play-off chances.
Any other result will be goodbye And what better way than to face the last one in zone A, an arsenal that comes from making a tremendous wear at the height of peace, where he made many headlines and that on Tuesday already has a South American game.
Crucial match against ceara, because if they lose they would be almost eliminated since the South American cup only offers a place in the second round only to the first of each group
Thursday, Sunday, Tuesday, this is the arsenal fixture, tremendous, with a short squad and no chances in the local tournament, Rondina should bet on the South American
In any case, his performance as a visitor is very weak, pure defeats
Remember that this game is played at noon, they will have almost no recovery of the game in La Paz on Thursday night I think
Defense should take it. Much better squad, they arrive with better morale and much more rested

LOST Score: 0:1 Profit: -1
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