Defensa y justicia vs Aldosivi

Asian Handicap
Pick: Aldosivi +0.25
Odds: 2.03
Stake: 1

Match date: 14/01/2021
Defense comes from playing yesterday in Paraguay for the semifinal first leg of the South American and on Saturday everything is played, to reach the final, something historic for the club. Above, you have to take care that a goal is not scored or the outlook will get complicated
We are talking about something very big and in the middle a game that does not interest anyone, certainly not, you listen to crespo and the players and they talk about Saturday's game, never this
First, they will not even play this game on their playing field, they will do it in arsenal to take care of the field. Besides that they need 6 goals difference to reach a final, they already know that it is mission impossible
On the side of aldosivi, the DT left, things were not going well and the interim Yagui Fernandez assumes, and it is seen in our football that the new DT, even though it is interim, gives him a breath of new air, reactivates the players, It puts them all on the same line and then they all feel compelled to perform better to earn or take care of their jobs. So this I take as a positive
Goalkeeper Pojcrnic will be down, but Assmann with a lot of experience enters first
In addition, Joel Carli starts again, also with a lot of experience in first class, who comes from Botafogo. The rest, the same ones who had been playing
With defense with his head elsewhere, I cannot pass up this opportunity of a rival who needed to wash the face of the weak campaign that he came doing."
HALF WIN Score: 4:4 Profit: +0.51
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  • 1
    Ommm 15/01/2021 00:03:02
    incredible game!!
    at least is half win, the other half is won by watching this show