Cuenca vs Macara

Asian Handicap
Pick: Macara +0,50
Odds: 1.83
Stake: 1

Match date: 25/10/2021

I honestly don't understand Cuenca's favoritism

There are two teams half a hair tall both Cuenca and Macara

Cuenca added home triumphs against teams from the plains such as October 9, Manta and the already descended Olmedo who, although he is tall, was completely dismantled

On the other hand, Macara comes from beating LDU Quito well and has always been doing better tournaments than the local

All in value in those of Ambato that should have more even quotas

I did not find information on cancellations in Macara so that they offer us this quota

Except in the last match, Macara always scored points in Cuenca

In fact I beat him 3 times and they tied in the other 2

WIN Score: 1:1 Profit: +0.83
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