Colon vs Racing

Under / Over
Pick: Under 2
Odds: 1.975
Stake: 1

Match date: 04/06/2021
Closed game I smell for today too 
Since the final phases began in the Argentine tournament, the line of 2 goals has never been exceeded Racing up here 0-0 with velez and 0-0 with a mouth
Colon has a goal, it is true, however he never crossed the line of 2 goals in his 2 matches and a final is something else, more nerves and less risk
Also in colon the forward Farias will be low, who had been playing well and most likely will put a midfielder like Ferreira and thus play with a single forward
The formula for Pizzi playing the retranca is coming out barbarous, I doubt that he will change his way of playing,
I see a game with few goals.

LOST Score: 3:0 Profit: -1
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