Colchester - Carlisle

Asian Handicap
Pick: Colchester -0.25
Odds: 1.95
Stake: 1

Match date: 12/02/2022

Both teams in fight against relegation and both loosers in midweek, but for hosts was first defeat in five rounds with an interim manager, while Carlisle simply continued its freefall that see them with four consecutive defeats and six matches without wins scoring only three goals.


Both teams without new misses, too, but while hosts recover first keeper George and remain with Skuse (midf.27 most used starter in the season), Huws (midf. 4 1g) and Dallison ( def.5 winter comer) all doubtful, more worries for guests that have problems with tiredness of players, too, as revealed by trainer, specially about the couple of attacking players, wintercomer strikers Wilson and Sho-Silva, that debuted in midweek:


 "We have no fresh injuries, but we have a few who are a little bit tired, the new boys especially,” he added. “Tobi lasted 90 minutes and I didn’t really want to have to play him the full game.

“He kept going, he’s obviously very tired now, so I’ve had to look after him a little bit. You could see that Owen got tired, and it was a tough decision when you’re chasing the game to think about which one could last the 90 minutes and which one to take off.

“That’s not ideal at the moment with all the injuries we have, because a lot of the players haven’t been used to playing full games".

More, trainer explained how important remain their absences:

"...It’s obviously difficult, we’ve lost five main players that have been playing most of the games this season...."

Infact guests remain without Dickenson ( midf.24+3 2g), Guy ( midf.27), McDonald ( def.26 1g), Mellor ( midf.14+1), while Mellish ( midf.26 3g second scorer) remain highly dubtful till last minute. Except Mellor, the other ones are the six most used starters in the season.

At my eyes seems very difficult that already troubled Carlisle can end undefeated with all these problems.


HALF LOST Score: 2:2 Profit: -0.5
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