Cobresal vs Santiago Wanderers

Asian Handicap
Pick: Cobresal -0.25
Odds: 1.84
Stake: 1

Match date: 18/04/2021
Neither team is good, that's true Although it is true, he had a worthy series with Palestino for the South American, today a better team than several from Chile at least on the squad But Cobresal has the height factor and that is why, with rare exceptions, it usually does well in the Atacama Desert and in this case they will play at midday, more in favor for the local You also have to take into account that Wanderers is not one of the powerful teams and it also comes very badly and clarify that Wanderers since he returned to the first division won only 3 games in the 22 he played which is clear that it costs him a lot In addition, the last 4 meetings at the Cobresal stadium were all for the local Cobresal did not bring bright names but neither did he change half the squad and wait for them to settle. He had the great decision to keep the base that made him qualify for the South American including his DT, which is a good idea. Wanderers in itself bets on a more youthful roster than last season That's why with all this I play it to the victory of Cobresal or even better to this handicap

WIN Score: 2:1 Profit: +0.84
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  • 2
    Nestor 19/04/2021 00:38:12
    Is Green with BIGGGG Value...Closed 1.60 simple victory... i hope thats its not a problem why i shoted four days ago, isnt it?
  • 3
    Moderator 19/04/2021 09:57:53
    Nestor, keep your focus on tips and legs on the ground - don't look too much around, we already had conversations on early tips