Club Brugge U23 - Deinze

1X2 / Moneyline
Pick: Deinze
Odds: 1.8
Stake: 1

Match date: 16/10/2020

As already said in my previous picks, Deinze had a bad start but in the competition but now you can see much more automatism in the team. Last week they lost in the cup but in that game they played with 6 reserve players. That was something I didn’t expect but even with the reserves they had changes to win that game because of a missed penalty in the second half. For this game they will again play with their strongest team. Today they face the worst team of the league. It’s a very young teams with no experience. Deinze is the opposite. They have experience from players who played already in first division and most of these players are also bigger than their opponent.

The youth of Club Brugge only had 2 draws so far and even in these games they could lost because Lommel got a red card in their game and against Union their keeper saved everything and I don’t see him doing this twice. I saw the game against Seraing and they give too much chances away and Deinze has the players with Challouk, Staelens and Mertens to take benefit of this.

Deinze has more quality in their team and also more experience. If they want to go for promotion this is a must win game for them. I go for Deinze -0.5 and fair odds for this line should be around 1.70. My prediction is 0-2 or 0-3. Handicaps until Deinze -1 are playable.

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LOST Score: 1:1 Profit: -1
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  • 1
    Alex309 17/10/2020 07:53:58
    unlucky late shit goal :(
  • 2
    Yippee 17/10/2020 13:48:06
    Alex309: unlucky late shit goal :(
    Indeed very unlucky, in the last minutes they just played defense and didn't go for the second goal :(