Club Brugge - Eupen

Under / Over
Pick: Over 3 goals
Odds: 1.86
Stake: 1

Match date: 25/07/2021

I expect various goals here, Club Brugge can easily trash Eupen, but in goal should continue Lammers that suffered already in firiendlies and in Supercup against Genk ( 3-2).

On its way, Eupen start with a heavy reduction of funds by its Quatarian owners, new trainer and many players lost.

Important for this bet they sold both first keepers of last season, in goal should go Himmelmann ( 1 match played last season, win 2-3 against Charleroi previous season ten matches with St.Pauli, no clean sheets), the otehr two keepers are youngsters.

Key def. Sobol ( 23+4 6g) out for hosts, def. Poulain ( 15+2) out for guests.

Home team lack also second scorer Vanaken ( 11g), but returns topassistman Vormer ( 6g 11assists), while Eupen sold second scorer Musona ( 7g), too.

Also with these absences Brugge can trash guests as in last season ( 3-0 - with one player banned and 4-0 in regular season), furthermore with Eupen weakened and with last season third keeper in goal. But home etam has a youngster in goal, too, that already caused various goals suffered by them

WIN Score: 2:2 Profit: +0.86
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