Clermont - Chambly

Asian Handicap
Pick: Clermont AH -1.5
Odds: 1.9
Stake: 1

Match date: 13/02/2021

Third from bottom Chambly adds new cases of covid positive players also this morning and travel a lot weakened with at least nine players out among strong starters and rotation players for the match against fourth on table - but third best home team ( 8-3-1 23/6 second best home defense).


Both first keepers Pontdemé and Pinoteau, Delos ( def.9+13 1g), Gonzalez ( def.12+1 1g), Flochon ( midf.10+7), Popelard ( midf.2sub), Beaulieu ( midf.9+4), Eickmayer ( midf.8+7 1g), Zabou ( midf.6+7), Camelo ( def.6+4) are isolated, Heinry ( midf.16+3 3g) and other four players are injuried, Badu (att.3+5 1g) is ill.


Already in last match - in better situation, guests trashed 4-1 at home.


Third keeper of guests arrives from young team and played 13 matches last season there, but has only 35 minutes in November in first team on field in this one.Guests are worst defense of league, too.


Clermont in last eleven rounds loose only two times and drawn two other times, all far from home.


For this match no info, yet, about possible absences for hosts, but no gret troubles should be reported, almost all starters were in against Rodez, i take teh risk with odds that already dropping everywhere

LOST Score: 1:0 Profit: -1
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  • 1
    mrgol 12/02/2021 17:05:25
    Update: match confirmed on, guests have just the minimun number of players, ten ones plus one keeper. If in tomorrow's tests will be found anotehr positive, only in that case match will be postponed.

    Gastien ( midf. 23) and Magnin ( midf.22+1 2g) are new absences for Clermont
  • 2
    mrgol 13/02/2021 20:54:17
    Sorry for this day, unbelievable results, with team news, stats and form i don't know if not on these matches on what I should bet...