Ciudad Real - Almagro

Asian Handicap
Pick: -0.25 Ciudad Real
Odds: 1.86
Stake: 1

Match date: 08/12/2020
Manchego - Almagro

Tercera group 18

Almagro away from home is a bad team . Since September 2019 they have won only 2 games as guest  , the last one just one year ago. 

This season they have lost the 3 games as visitor, receiving 9 goals and scoring 1.

Ciudad Real is a good team .Much better squad than Almagro, with the goal of promotion. Till the moment they has draw all games , having bad luck in all of them but showing a good football. 

At this stadium they played 8 games and Almagro won only 1 of them . 

This game is the first open to the fans , so they will have a good support .

Most important thing to place the bet is that host is well rested whike Almagro has got only 48 hours between games.

Imo Ciudad Real is  big Favorite.  "
WIN Score: 3:0 Profit: +0.86
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