Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic - Shenzhen

Asian Handicap
Pick: Shenzhen -1.5
Odds: 2.18
Stake: 1

Match date: 21/07/2021

Chongqing conceded three times by Guangzhou in the last round, and the total conceded in the first six rounds has reached 13 goals, the worst record in CSL. Fernandinho Silva (5/0 f) did not come back to the team yet, because he don't receive money, eighter his teammates. Chongqing lack of systematic training in last 2 months, everything stop due to lack of money, the players joined together only on 7, July, so we can see they without power in 2nd half VS Guangzhou FC.

Shenzhen welcome back Mubarak Wakaso(5/0) who was suspension last round. Also Iran NT player Pouraliganji(5/0). 5 foreigners VS 2 foreigners Chongqing, must easy job.

Only one thing I worry about is Shenzhen always played no good in 1st half, only 1 win in first 6 1sthalf. I expect Chongqing will be very tired in 2nd half, big blow will be shown in 2nd half. So no need to pick them -1.25 so early, we can wait -1 or -0.75 lately. But in here only accept prematch bet.

WIN Score: 0:3 Profit: +1.18
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