China W - Brazil W

Asian Handicap
Pick: Brazil W -0.75
Odds: 1.67
Stake: 1

Match date: 21/07/2021

Chinese girls lack of concern in China, resources are all put on the men’s team, the Gentlemen can easy earn 2M money from win over Maldives, 1M RMB from beaten Guam (what a easy job), but there is no plan if our hero girls can qualify from the group, or even take the title. (at least I can't search any keyword about it), In 2016, our girls finished at 8th, according to the news they got 6M RMB, but a few months after the end of the Olympics, they still get nothing. But I think the spirit of the girls will not be in doubt, they don't play for money, they play for China, play for our nation, play for Chinese people who suffer coronavirus.

But in fact, Big Bad things on us is unexperience, 4 of them will make their debut, 9 players played less than 10 games in NT, 5 of them under 5 games. We also without 2 regular players Tang Jiali (15/2) and Majun(50/15), Wu Haiyan?120/2?injured before kick off, big blow for China women.

WIN Score: 0:5 Profit: +0.67
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