China - Syria

Asian Handicap
Pick: China -0.75
Odds: 1.92
Stake: 1

Match date: 15/06/2021

Syria without DF Ahmad Al Salih (54/2), Amro Jenyat (29/1), MF Khaled Al Mobayed (38/4 m), both key FW Omar Al Somah (26/15) and Omar Kharbin (44/18), latest news is DF Hussein Jwayed(31) also big doubt here, it means only 2 of them in the DF line were played more than 10 games for NT. Syria's headcoach Malor revealed that his annual salary for the Syrian national team is $1 million, but he has not received a salary for 15 months. He with bad relationship with players, the top star of the Syrian team, Khribin, revealed that Malur used vicious language to "greet" his mother during training, which caused widespread repercussions at the time. Malor said he maybe going to leave after this game.

China NT no need to win, even we loss we still have big chance to qualify, but that's not we wanted, under headcoach Li Tie, we have now claimed wins in each of their last four games across all competitions, we need to keep this good things running, we have good players, we rest some good players last game. We need to build confidence on this game, not just satisfy with a draw. The FA also give the players big bonuses, If they can win today they will get 6 million RMB. 

WIN Score: 3:1 Profit: +0.92
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