China - Maldives

Under / Over
Pick: under 5.25
Odds: 1.83
Stake: 1

Match date: 11/06/2021

World Cup qualifiers moved from China to UAE is bad thing to us, but we can cover it, the most important game is last one VS Syria, we need to grab points on that match.(Since Qatar won Group E and advanced to Asian Cup only, the fifth best runner-up will also advance to the World Cup qualifying third round and to Asian Cup (although this scenario and the possibility that China misses the World Cup qualifying third round are not considered in the Asian Cup regulations), China played one match less but 2 points behind Oman, Iran, UAE and Uzbekistan, same points with Jordan. Oman will play against Afghanistan and Bangladesh, their schedule is much simpler than China. On the other hand, Iran only with little risk when against Iraq. 

We need points more than goal difference in last two game. It's 2nd game in 8 days, so I think China NT will do rotation here. Those with yellow cards should be play more careful or rest directly, Wu Xi(70/8) and Elkeson(6/4), It's just my guess, but the points of today is We no need to try everything to grab goals.

HALF WIN Score: 5:0 Profit: +0.42
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