Double Chance
Pick: Both to score
Odds: 1.96
Stake: 1

Match date: 13/10/2020
Well i smell today a lot of game,especialy this one,Chile and Colombia always had good squads.For me this is fight between two well organized,never defending temas,in both national teams we have u can call it superplayers,i exscpect both teams to score at 90 min.Duvan Zapata,Muriel,James Rodriguez,Guadraddo,Mina ..For Chile i can only say that whenever I watched Chiles game it was not borring,always a lot of chances on both side,they are motivated both squad to make us watching football.

VOID Score: - Profit: 0
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  • 1
    Bullet 13/10/2020 18:19:15
    Hi, Can you tell me where there are options to bet both to score in the panel Thank you
  • 2
    InsideSport 13/10/2020 19:06:07
    There is not such an option. We narowed the bets down to ones that usually have higher limits. If anything we might even reduce the list in order to get only biggest value bets with higher limits. This one will be voided/deleted. Only markets from our list are allowed. Better luck next time Mladen!
  • 3
    Mladen 13/10/2020 19:09:00
    But there is at bet365,but ok.
  • 4
    InsideSport 13/10/2020 19:13:01
    Limits are very much different across markets and it goes down to luiqidity. Match winner and AH will always have bigger limits then B2S, that is why it is not in our focuss. At the end, very few users will be able to place and follow tips on small markets, while on main markets many will be able to follow without odds going down(fast).
  • 5
    Mladen 14/10/2020 08:02:46
    too bad for this game finished 2-2,in every bookie in our country there is option both to score,but rules are rules,but i saw on bet365 that has offer for both to score.Thtas way i choose that.
  • 6
    InsideSport 14/10/2020 10:10:10
    Mladen, with all due respect to other tipsters places, we do not want to become one of the massive tipster places where feed is full of low-value bets. Small markets (like both to score) on European bookies that allow very small stakes bring very much value to the general population. I would rather see 1 unit of profit on Pinnacle then 20 units of profit on Euro bookies because 1 unit on Asia can mean be equivalent to 30.000EUR while 20 units on Bet365 can not be even 10% of that, the reason is simple, you can not invest big stakes on Bet365 and you will get limited after you win a couple of units, especially if those were value bets. That is why we have these kind of rules, we want real value which means real profit for followers, not artificial profit which means very little in real life.