Chelsea - Real Madrid

UEFA Champions League
Under / Over
Pick: over 2 goals
Odds: 1.7
Stake: 1

Match date: 05/05/2021

»Soccer» Europe »Champions League» Chelsea - Real Madrid

Champions League semi-finals, return match.

Results of the first match: Real - Chelsea 1-1.

For me, goal line 2 and the odds have good value. My odds is @ 1.55.

Basic elements of the investment:

- If Real wants to make it to the finals, they must win this game or play a draw; 2-2, 3-3 ....

So, Real will not play defensively.

- Chelsea played well in the first game and realistically they should have scored two goals.

Although Chelsea have been playing a small number of goals lately, it means little in this game and the statistics do not play a big role here.

- H2H:

27.04.2021 CL Real Madrid 1-1 Chelsea

30.07.2016 ICC Real Madrid 3-2 Chelsea

08.08.2013 ICC Real Madrid 3-1 Chelsea

I expect a minimum of two to three goals scored.

MAX LIMIT PINNACLE: 1,784.87 eur.


VOID Score: 2:0 Profit: 0
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  • 1
    AsianBesTrader 02/05/2021 18:03:53
    Over is a big call as both teams having low scoring games recently. But not argue this should be higher scoring than normal

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