Chacarita vs Madryn

Asian Handicap
Stake: 1

Match date: 19/03/2022

The news is already running so I publish it now

There may be strong rotation in Madryn

Because in just 4 days they will play a historic classic with Guillermo Brown, which has not happened for a long time and never happened in this category

They have a long trip from Capital to Madryn, that's why the rotation

And also several players continue with a flu picture

To all this Madryn is recently promoted, they become strong as locals but go down as visitors

Chacarita after the lousy DT Arias, returned to the winning path

He has 2 consecutive wins and today DT Centrone, the official, will debut, touching the team very little, putting the reinforcements Fredes and Parra, former Independiente and first division teams

Chacarita is still undefeated at home

It is to go strong with all this news for my taste

Match date: 19/03/2022
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