Cesar Vallejo vs Sporting Cristal

Asian Handicap
Pick: Cesar Vallejo 0.0
Odds: 1.775
Stake: 1

Match date: 22/05/2021
We go with Vallejo for the following: 
Sporting Cristal will have to play today and leave everything to add or better yet beat Rentistas.
The latter in the group of the liberators and if he wants to stay alive today he must not lose and next Tuesday in Sao Paulo he must not lose at least or perhaps even win to stay alive and finish third in the group to enter the South American.
So it is supposed to rotate on Saturday, well the analysis does not end there.
Sporting Cristal no longer plays for anything in the league, they have the first place recontracted and too many points in the general table.
And I keep adding reasons, since the other weekend he will play the final of the Peruvian league against the pointer of the other area so if he has to rotate strong it will be here, against Cesar Vallejo
Cesar Vallejo is one of the best teams in Peru, now, with Yeison Mena and Velez in the starting 11 they are once again a team of great respect, they are not second in the zone for nothing
Although they have no chance of reaching the end, they must add up to the general table of the South American cups.

WIN Score: 3:0 Profit: +0.77
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