Cerdanyola - Jabac i Terrassa

Asian Handicap
Pick: Terrassa +0.5
Odds: 1.84
Stake: 1

Match date: 12/12/2020
U19 League

Cerdanyola - Jabac i Terrassa

In this league there are like 3 groups of teams , zone 1 or top teams , zone 2 mediocre teams and zone 3 bad teams .

Cerdanyola is mediocre , being able to beat other mediocre and fighting hard vs top but winning only vs bad teams . 

In fact , their two wins this season have been vs the bottom and penultimate in table . 

They are unexperienced , first year in the history they play at the maximum u19  tier.

Terrassa already was in the league last year. They did bad last season but now they got many good signings and are performing well , also the plus that players this year are more experienced . 

They are the worst team of the zone 1 (top teams) being able to beat zone 3 and zone 2 clubs but having problems vs another tops .

They are doing a good job , lost in the first game 2-3 vs the leaders and after that they are unbeaten for 5 games . 

Moreover Cerdanyola miss 4 players , 3 of them keys;  Sagar , Ortega and Aaron . 

Imo the fair line is 0.0 "
LOST Score: 2:0 Profit: -1
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