Central Cordoba vs Union

Asian Handicap
Pick: Union +0.25
Odds: 1.763
Stake: 1

Match date: 03/12/2021

I know we went last week with the people from Santiago, but one thing is Arsenal, the worst in Argentina and another thing is Union that with the arrival of the Uruguayan Munua raised, comes from 2 wins, from thrashing the Tucumán and has real chances to enter the South American


As we see, Union would repeat team

Central Cordoba, although it reaches the top after the defeat of Arsenal, has a very hard loss


The good goalkeeper Rigamonti will be out and the substitute Mehring is still injured so he will have to save the veteran Taborda who has been inactive for a long time

I see value in the Union fee and added to the motivation of the drinks, I will go with them

LOST Score: 2:0 Profit: -1
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