Ceara - Atletico Mineiro

Asian Handicap
Pick: Atl. Mineiro -0.25
Odds: 1.96
Stake: 1

Match date: 25/06/2021

Bet against market, odds should be near their max., now, after an increase due probably to the news that 14 players of Mineiro are out here.

 But only one of this players - def. Rabello ( 3) - is a usual starter, here.

The other players out are :

Alonso, Franca, Vargas and Savarino all with Nts. Only the last two played first match of season, loose against Fortaleza;

 Keeper Rafael (0) and Dodo ( def.1+1 already out in last match) injuried;

 17 years old Savinho ( 1sub) with young NT;

 Marrony, Nacho, Borreto, Nathan, Eduardo Sasha and Micael with Covid. Among these absentees only midf. Nathan ( 1+3) and Marrony (1+4) played as starters, the alst in opening match, defeat against Fortaleza. All the other players with no or few minutes from bench.

 So, substantially, guests with first eleven similar to the one usual starting in last rounds and with three consecutive wins and a draw arrived against weak Chapecoense in last round but only at 80° minute cause a penalty.

More, Ceara, that drawn against inter in last round, remain with the win arrived against a depleted ( but able to score two goals) in attack Gremio in first round and two defeats. They remain with covid problems, too.

 Alan Uchôa ( def.), Luiz Otávio last season key def. in A), Fabinho ( last season key midf.), Richard ( keeper 2, first choice in copa do Noroeste), Rick ( att.2+1 1g) and Cléber ( att.2+1 1g) remain with Covid, Jael ( att. newcomer from Japan ) remain in isolation, keeper Joao Ricardo (1/ last season first choice in Chapecoense), newcomer striker Felipe Vizeu ( att.1) remain all out, in goal will be again 21 years old Machado ( 2+1).

 Odds for this option increased a lot but, as i suppose, changes could be only among bench players, Atletico is one of title's favourite and with not so many significative absences these odds against a team with absences problems, too, and weak performances assume value in my eyes, only real problem for guests could be two days less of rest respect the opponent.

LOST Score: 2:1 Profit: -1
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