Calamocha - Zaragoza B

Asian Handicap
Pick: Zaragoza B 0
Odds: 1.75
Stake: 1

Match date: 25/04/2021

Calamocha - Zaragoza B 

Tercera 17

Calamocha without anything in play is facing Real Zaragoza B whose options of promoting rely on winning today.

They are deserving much more than they have and for example 3 weeks ago in the 0-0 against this Calamocha they had 70% ball possession and 11 shots against 30 % possesion / 3 shots.  

As i said its a vital game because with just 3 games pending if they dont get the 3 points can forget about promotion. 

Calamocha do not win since February as they are relaxed and with the goal accomplished. 

They will just park the bus like 3 weeks ago and wait for some counter but today the absence of the captain and leader in defense Mele (22/0) will be notorious. Moreover Sehou Gassama (21/4 f) is a doubt

Calamocha not only never was able to beat Zaragoza , neither able to score a single goal.

Odds should be way lower . Couple weeks ago Zaragoza win was paid 1.6

WIN Score: 0:2 Profit: +0.75
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  • 1
    Darío 25/04/2021 19:56:26
    Calamocha 0-2 Zaragoza

    Extremadura B 1-1 Miajadas

    Pity there wasn't asia on these last two 
    , anyway , it has been a good month . 

    In this April as you probably noticed i became more selective and it bore fruit , i am very satisified with the work. 

    See you all in May to continue working hard and bringing interesting infos!