Caen - Pau

Asian Handicap
Pick: Pau +0
Odds: 1.86
Stake: 1

Match date: 03/04/2021


New trainer but quite experimental group for Caen, various youngsters called to cover the absences of Rivierez ( def.25), Beka ( def.15+5 1g) and Gioacchini ( second scorer 4g) suspended, Armougon ( def.19+4), A. Traor? ( midf.16+3), Yago ( def.15+4). Last two seems to not meet the favour of the trainer as Goncalves ( midf.12+12), Weber ( def.18+2) and Nsona ( att.16+8 2g).


This means an almost totally reshuffled defense for a team with only two clean sheets in last 15 rounds.


Pau four points less in this relegation battle and only two away win, but in reprise before stop with four rounds without defeats ( 3-1-0) and only two defeats in nine rounds.


Guests have poractically no misses, only one long term injuried, Caen won only one match in last 14 rounds.


Trainer will have an almost totally reshuffled team for its debut, as forced ones as for its choice to privilegee youngsters – five youngsters are called for first time here.


Against this bet the fact that Pau loose ten of its 15 away matches, but already in first leg they won 1-0 against Caen.


First experiment of new trainer for hosts seems a bit hazardous at my eyes with many usual starters out.

VOID Score: 1:1 Profit: 0
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