Bupolsa - Burgos B

Asian Handicap
Pick: Bupolsa +1
Odds: 1.99
Stake: 1

Match date: 20/01/2021
Bupolsa - Burgos Promesas

Tercera group 8

Burgos Promesas have problems with unpaid wages from November , December and January . Some players have big problems to pay rent or travel to the club facilities for training . 

Few players left the team , among  them Pibe , topscorer of the club , who yesterday signed for a Finnish side . 

Coach also left Burgos and the situation is extreme . 

In a statement released yesterday players reported  "We are tired of hearing continuous promises that are never kept and that always turn into lies".

Bupolsa changed the coach and is into a good dynamic . They have had a hard calendar recently , vs Numancia B lost in the 89’ and vs Co leaders Avila  they got a 1-1 draw , deserving the win . 

Good opportunity to win and take a breath , as the relegation ghosts are chasing them. "
WIN Score: 1:1 Profit: +0.99
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    InsideSport 20/01/2021 22:22:53
    I love to see these Tercera tips, always a top value for me!

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