Under / Over
Pick: Under 2
Odds: 1.95
Stake: 1

Match date: 15/11/2020
2 teams here with really different startingpoint.Bulgaria have only 1 point and 1 scored goal in this group, but bad news not stopped there because Bulgaria come to miss at least 10 players because of Covid-19 against Finland.I notice that many tipsters have start to tip Finland win here, because missings of Bulgaria and also because Finland won France in friendly 0-2.Yes that was huge result here in Finland, but i watch that game and i see 100% fighting Finland team against 40-50% dribbling France team so i cant lift this result very high.Fact is in this group that Finland is right now suprisingly in 2nd place and chance to promote into group A, when same time there is game Wales-Ireland im 200% sure that Finland come into this game with very defence minded attitude because with draw Finland have still chance to promote into group A before last game against Wales.I see maxium 1 goal in this game. "
LOST Score: 1:2 Profit: -1
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  • 1
    Robert Munter 13/11/2020 17:32:06
    With coach Markku Kanerva Finland have succeed with tactics, that they do just only where they are good.Finland are very good to defend with whole team what i have seen now their games, so im not suprised their clean sheet in last 3 games.Finland know exactly how they get point/s from next games, they do 100% or even more that opponent dont score and trust that their own 2-3 scoring chances make different.
  • 2
    Robert Munter 15/11/2020 08:42:23
    Maybe i repeat myself here, but few more words about this game.This game is huge important to both teams, when Bulgaria try to avoid relegate into group C and Finland have still chances to promote to grouo A when there is still 2 games per team. Bulgaria is 1 point behind Ireland and Finland are 1 point behind Wales.Bulgaria come to miss around 10 players because of Covid-19 and injuries, but because this team is already without any starplayers what i know they come to not suffer so much with these missings.Finland made biggest suprise ever earlier this week, when they win away against France 0-2.Yes huge win, but when i watch that game i clearly seen that France player played "halflights". So Finland get more selfconfidence from that win, but same time they must handle bigger pressures of their role of favourite against Bulgaria when we(Finland) have overall still average squad.Maybe its okay to bet Finland to win because Bulgaria miss several players, but if we look their historystats of their awaygames its not looked very good option anyway.I cant see any scoringcontest here so under is my pick, GL!
  • 3
    Robert Munter 15/11/2020 18:57:37
    2 childless easy errors from Bulgaria and Finland have take easy 0-2 lead..
  • 4
    Frie 20/11/2020 19:10:23
    Epic basketball bet one more time today. Lol

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