BSK Bijelo Brdo - Inter Zaprešić

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Pick: AH -0.25 BSK
Odds: 1.93
Stake: 1

Match date: 29/11/2020
BSK from Bijelo Brdo near Osijek has 19 points in 13 games of 2nd Croatian football league, and holds tenth place out of 18 clubs. It may not be a great success at first glance, but two more facts need to be said.

BSK played two games less, and of the 13 games played, it has been a guest nine times and host only four times. Reason for this is the renovation of stadium in Bijelo Brdo, which now has a modern field with artificial grass and can be used to play fast and combinatorial football.

BSK could therefore move towards the leading positions in the continuation of Championship, because has the quality of players, and may even get involved in the fight for title of champion.
BSK is also led by an excellent coach, formerly on the bench of Osijek in first league, Tomislav Steinbruckner, and financial situation in the club is stable and all players are regularly paid.
BSK also has league's top scorer Marko Dabro, in past a player of Italian Fiorentina and Croatian first division team Gorica, who scored 14 goals this season and is truly a player who brings advantage. There are several other former first-league players such as Muženjak, Mišić, Periša, then internationals Alvarez and Ghane, and very good winger Čikvar.

Club from Bijelo Brdo is full of optimism and welcomes the former first league team Inter from Zaprešić, which is in a great crisis, both in terms of results and finances. Practically the entire team that played in the 1st league last season has left, and young and non-established players have arrived, with whom experienced coach Tomislav Ivković has a lot of trouble.

Particularly big problem is defense, which conceded 22 goals in 14 matches and was desperate poor on Wednesday away game against Opatija. Inter led 2-1 until the 87th minute, and then conceded two goals, causing a penalty kick in the last minute. Tired and psychologically disappointed, only two days later players from Zaprešić go on a 350-kilometer long journey and get on the feet of a rival who, unlike them, is all positive.

Today guests will be without several important players (goalkeeper Matković, midfielder Mbodji, striker Abramović ...) and the question is how much they will be able to match with home team, which will surely play aggressive pressing and attack from first minute. Inter will hope for quick counter-attacks, but how can you believe in a team that has won only five points in last 10 rounds, and dropped out of the third division Rudar from Labin in the Croatian Cup. In addition, this is Inter's third game in eight days.

Clear impression is that BSK is favorite to win today and this odds have a ‘value’. Also, option with three or more goals in total is interesting to bet."
WIN Score: 1:0 Profit: +0.93
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  • 2
    Alex309 29/11/2020 16:30:15
    fantastic results mate, congrats
  • 3
    InsideSport 29/11/2020 19:56:33
    Gift that just keeps giving, amazing month! 

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