Bristol Rovers - Northampton

Asian Handicap
Pick: Northampton +0
Odds: 1.87
Stake: 1

Match date: 13/11/2021

Only two wins for Rovers in last six, against not in form Harogate and second from bottom Carlisle. Today hosts, 17g scored, seven of them in only three matches, will be without first and cosecond topscorers Pitman ( 4g) and Saunders ( 2g), plus striker Clarcke ( 1+1 1g).

Pitman and Saunders are first choice pair upfront and Pitman is a new miss respect last league match as could be Thomas ( midf.6+4) in strong doubt.

Trainer complain about the lack of solutions upfront.

With another win - guests coming from four wins - Northampto could enter in promotion playoff position. For them ever present def. McGowan ( 15 1g) in doubt is the only problem and trainer waiting news on him to release line up.

But with only 11g against ( five of them arrived far from home), Northampton remains thebest defense of league and Bristol won only three home matches two agaist second and third from bottom Oldham and Carlisle, another one against 17th on table Crawley.

Northampton able to gain at leats one point against a toothless in attack Bristol Rovers that has also a cup match played three days ago in legs, with rotation but also with upfront players that should be starters today, too, cause lack of solutions.

LOST Score: 2:1 Profit: -1
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  • 1
    mrgol 13/11/2021 09:56:34
    Odds on Northampton were raising, massive drop just when pick was upload on site, now is @ 1.73 on Pinnacle, i don't know if IS want correct my odds here.

    Anyway, also Northampton -0.25 i think can be a good bet.