Brest - Lens

Asian Handicap
Pick: Lens +0
Odds: 1.96
Stake: 1

Match date: 18/04/2021

Covid disturbed week of Lens but only few players are out for this reason - Seko Fofana ( midf.20+5 2g), Facundo Medina ( def.20+1 2g), Cheick Traoré, Jonathan Gradit ( def.28). Second scorer Sotoca ( 8g) remain out, too, but only Gradit were on field in the 4-1 win against Lorient.

Respect that match guests recover some player, too, cothird scorer Ganago ( 5g), Mauricio ( midf.2+20), Bad? ( def. 24+2), anyway line up shouldn't be so different respect the one of last match.

Brest is a team of middle/low part of table, in last eight only one win against last on table Dijon and now has a depleted midfield.

Faivre ( midf.28+3 5g), Charbonnier ( att.4g), Lasne ( midf.19+3), Herelle ( def.15+1), Belkebia ( midf. 28+2) are all out.

Lens has some difficulties to mantain a clean sheet, Brest scored seven goals in last eight but five of them in only two matches and three against weak Dijion.

Six points over relegation line for them, without the covid problems for guests line should be not so high but guests already shown to reply very well to the adversities and situation is also less bad then before previous match

VOID Score: 0:0 Profit: 0
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