Brazil : Germany

Under / Over
Pick: Over 2.25
Odds: 1.83
Stake: 1

Match date: 22/07/2021

What a start into this Olympic tournament with the final of the last Olympics 2016 in which the South Americans have won led by super star Neymar. Also this time they are favorite to win the Gold Medal. In contrast to the mentality in Germany this Olympic tournament is of very big importance in Brazil. Thus the players have already been preparing for weeks with some preparation games while the German team under coach Stefan Kuntz had no time to prepare at all. The only preparation match was the one against Honduras that ended in a 1:1 draw in a scandalous game that hsd been interrupted short before the regular end due to racist incident against the German Torunarigha. Of course the Selecao clear favorite today but there is one thing for sure that you should never underestimate any German team that is coached by Stefan Kuntz who has just won the U 21 Euro with a rather limited team. Kuntz a players coach who always finds a way to motivate his players more than 100 per Cent. Also this time you will never know what his team that only consists of 18 players will be able to manage in the end. Yes players like Richarlison, Bruno Guimaraes or old star Dani Alves stand for pure Quality but this German team is expected to go out and fight. Under coach Andre Jardine this Brasilien Olympic team plays not that pragmatic like the National team at the Copa the last few weeks. In the end i see an entertaining Match with some goals in a most likely Selecao win. Main bet will be on goals 

WIN Score: 4:2 Profit: +0.83
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