Bolton - Cheltenham

Asian Handicap
Pick: Cheltenham +0.25
Odds: 2.03
Stake: 1

Match date: 27/11/2021

Odds gone in favour of Bolton after the 3-0 win against Doncaster in midweek in spite of injury crisis, but it is to say that Doncaster - also if in light reprise - remain second from bottom and the win against them was only second one for Bolton after three points gained with last on table Crewe in last eight matches. Plus, Doncaster failed in recovery of first keeper Dahlberg, put two young rotation players as starters and played whole second half in ten men.


So, Bolton remain overrated in my opinion, they don't solved their problems of missing, on the contrary trainer said that situation goes from bad two worst with Afolayan ( topscorer 7g) this time surely out banned and Isgrove ( midf.12+6) amother new miss.


Among the players already out - second scorer Sheehan ( 4g), Bakayoko ( midf.6+3 2g), Jones ( midf.12), Brockbanck ( right back 2+1), key midf. Williams ( 18), Baptiste ( def.5+3) - only the last could return.


It is also to consider that Doyle ( cosecond scorer 4g) returned on Tuesday after one month out and Kachunga ( att.8+11 1g), as Doyle in goal against Doncaster, declared to be a lot tired after the end of match.


Cheltenham with two new misses, midf. Blair ( 15+1 2g) and Thomas ( midf.14+3 1g). Boyle ( def.9), Raglan ( def.4), Perry ( midf.5+5 1g) remain out for at least more then one month, now and shouldn't be a problem.


Guests won against weak and depleted Gillingham in last round, third consecutive win and sixth match without defeats in last seven. Against them second consecutive away match in few days, while hosts will play again at home. But - except Doncaster - Cheltenham loose only against high flying Sunderland and Wigan far from home since middle September, i don't see them defeated against a team that won only two relatively easy matches in last eight and has mounting injury crisis.

HALF WIN Score: 2:2 Profit: +0.51
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