Bologna - Atalanta

Under / Over
Stake: 1

Match date: 20/03/2022

I see great value at this bet, Atalanta was better than Leverkuzen, but they now must be focused on Calcio, they are In bad shape, 0 0 with Genoa but that doesn't surprise me cause of Genoa style of play, Atalanta now need to win, Zapata is out but Malinovski, Muriel, Kopmainers, Pessina, Mirranchuk, what a fantastic squad, I remember verbal fight Mihajlovic vs Gassperini so Sinisa will do all to make Atalanta even in worst situation, Bologna has enough offensive players like Barrow ex Atalanta, Arnautovic, Orsolini, I  m really surprised with odds. 

Match date: 20/03/2022
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