Bolivia Vs Argentina

Asian Handicap
Pick: Bolivia +1
Odds: 1.92
Stake: 1

Match date: 13/10/2020
The Argentine team will face Bolivia at the Hernando Siles Stadium, on the second round of the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers. However, they will also have to deal with the height of La Paz, 4000 meters, conditions to which the 'Albiceleste' is not used to.

One day before the commitment, Argentine coach Scaloni showed respect for the altitude and highlighted the effectiveness of the Bolivian team at home. “We emphasized what we are going to find. The difficulty is maximum. Bolivia here is one of the best in the world, they lose very little” said the manager in a press conference. 

Bolivia have the coach Cesar Farías , who was chosen as the 8th best coach in the world in 2011.

He threw away the game vs a Brazil , where he knew was nothing to do and made a line up with many reserve players . Today we will see strong line up , with return of players like Chumacero, Martins , Raul Castro or Jasmani Campos. 

Argentina didnt play good vs Ecuador in the last game and was only able to beat Ecuador 1-0 at home .

In h2h they faced 13 times and Argentina won only 4, all of them by only 1 goal difference. In 2009 Bolivia won 6-1 .

I think this +1 is a good opportunity for betting. "
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