Bogota vs Real Santander

Asian Handicap
Stake: 1

Match date: 26/03/2022


Bogota is second in the tournament and has an important opportunity to start cutting

Play in the height of Bogota and the temperate climate (it will not exceed 17 degrees) against Real Santander, which is from the coast and heat, quite the opposite

Bogota comes from taking the last 7 points out of 9

We see in the call that there are no casualties

Santander was doing well but it comes from eating a 4-0 against Leones at home

And on top of that they bring 4 headline casualties seeing the call for today

Forbes, the defender, Linan, the captain Molina Pacheco, and the striker, Ariza, have not yet recovered. all holders

I think that because of how they arrive and the difficult climatic height factor, they give the Bogotanos the upper hand.

Very good price too

Match date: 26/03/2022
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