Bodo Glimt - Legia Warsaw

UEFA Champions League
Asian Handicap
Pick: home -0.25
Odds: 1.83
Stake: 1

Match date: 07/07/2021

Despite that Bodo Glint will not have three injured players available today and in addition they have sold two important starters in the market, I still think they will win this match because they are much ahead of preparation than the Poles. Legia today will have to do without the Croatian national team Juranovic, a very important absence, and last season's scorer Pekhart, who also participated with the Czech Republic national team in the Europeans even if he did not play mine. It is true that Legia is not inferior in quality to the Norwegians but they are too far ahead of preparation and have prepared very well for this challenge, Bodo Glint who will surely put in difficulty with his very high pace that he manages to impose in every game, and the Legia that behind are quite slow will surely go into trouble. Knowing Polish football not well but very well since I have seen matches for about twenty years and knowing every player already seeing the central defensive pair of Legia Wieteska-Holownia makes me very afraid because they always give too much to the opponents and at these levels I think they can cost them a lot dear this afternoon.

LOST Score: 2:3 Profit: -1
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