Bochum - Mainz

Asian Handicap
Pick: Mainz +0
Odds: 1.98
Stake: 1

Match date: 21/08/2021

First round saw newcomer Bochum to be defeated by Wolfsburg, hosts with few additions and misses, among the first, Asano ( 18g with Partizan), Antwi-Adjei ( 4g with Paderborn) and last season first keeper of Hannover Esser are the more relevant while last season cotopscorer Zulj ( 15g) gone.

So, team with so no much changes and with various misses as Blum ( striker 4g last season) that remain out as other not so important last season players and newcomers, but key def. Leitsch ( 33), last season second scorer Tesche ( 8g) are all new misses. and Adjei, starter with Wolfsburg is doubtful, too.

Only few players left Mainz and the team won in opening round against Mainz in spite of a covid crisis that affected some newcomer and last season rotation players, but not key ones, anyway.

The quarantine of all the players isolated should end on Friday, so trainer said depends on conditions the use or not of some of them, but the tendency is to repeat same first eleven against Leipzig.

Both teams should go in fight against relegation in the season, but at the moment Bochum, with a team in most part remained the same of bundesliga 2 - apart Asano and another newcomer the other starters against Wolfsburg played also last in season in Bochum, plus Adjei in Paderborn - and now also with important misses, seems less credited at my eyes to win this match also with public support.

Odds already falling everywhere on Mainz.

LOST Score: 2:0 Profit: -1
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