Blooming vs Royal Pari

Asian Handicap
Pick: Royal Pari 0.0
Odds: 1.682
Stake: 1

Match date: 09/08/2021

First clarify that Royal Pari is a false visitor, since he usually plays at Tahuichi as much as Blooming

Second that we are facing one of the worst Blooming in recent years

Management problems cause them to owe several months of salary and a not so high quality workforce

That is why today they are in the positions of very low

He has 3 without winning, he lost the classic by a landslide….

Royal Pari, with a campaign in the top positions, gets the logical results, local sum, scratches some visitor point like last

week that I won at the height of Potosi and thus remains expectant

I do not read casualties in the visitor

I rely on the best team that Royal has with Jefferson, Melgar and Orfano

Penta88 1.682

Max 632 between penta and Pinnacle

WIN Score: 0:1 Profit: +0.68
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