Blaublitz - Yamaga

Asian Handicap
Pick: Yamaga +0.25
Odds: 2.01
Stake: 1

Match date: 09/08/2021

Hiroshi Nanami have a negative record since taking charge at Matsumoto Yamaga, but it was somehow expected having in mind that he came in a moment when the team was in crisis. I think this break due to Olympics games was a much needed one for him and Matsumoto should improve under his tenure. He has settled the defense a little bit in the past 3 games because the back line was the problem for Yamaga this year. Also, some players returned after injury and they may play a part, not necessarily in this match but in the near future. 

Akita with a good season, but I expect them to drop a little bit in the rankings because teams started to read their simple gameplay in which they rely a lot on long balls and set-pieces. They have already lost an asset from this point of view after their skipper Suzuki Junya left for J1 club FC Tokyo. Until now Akita didn't sign a player to replace the departed Suzuki. 

Probably these odds are in this way because of the rankings, but quality-wise I think Matsumoto have better players and with a proper manager in charge the away side is able to win something from this game.

WIN Score: 1:4 Profit: +1.01
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