Blaublitz - Ryukyu

Asian Handicap
Pick: Blaublitz +0.25
Odds: 1.75
Stake: 1

Match date: 05/06/2021

I think there is value with +0.25 line for Akita as they are a tough team to play against, especially when playing at home. When they played in front of their own fans they frustrated a lot of teams including superior sides. They are not playing a very nice football. In fact, it is a simple football based on long balls, but paid off till now as they have a good ranking. Akita lost to Verdy last round, but the scoreline is a little bit harsh because the game was pretty even as Blaublitz had their chances. Ryukyu had a very good season so far which was unexpected, but recently they were not so great and have lost two games in a row. Indeed, they were a competitive side, but a drop in form is expected from now on as they were not tipped to be among the top sides. They won't have problems with relegation, but I don't see them keeping the pace with the likes of Kyoto, Niigata, Iwata or Kofu. Key defender Okazaki is out injured for the away side and he has been a key man for them this year. Akita welcomes back first keeper Yudai Tanaka, who returns after suspension. I think this is a big boost for them as without him in goal (he missed two games and a half) they have received 6 goals this campaign.

HALF WIN Score: 1:1 Profit: +0.38
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