Belasica vs Tikves

Asian Handicap
Pick: 1 (-0.5)
Odds: 2.13
Stake: 1

Match date: 21/01/2021
Belasica Strumica and Tikves Kavadarci will play a friendly match as a preparation for the second stage of the championship. First of all, Belasica are part of the Macedonian top flight division, while Tikves play in the Second division (group East). So, Belasica should be a big favorites, but they aren't. Why? Because they are rock-bottom with only 9 points. Tikves, meanwhile, are fighting for promotion and they area on the second place. So, this should be an equal match and the odds are reasonable.

I decided to back Belasica as they signed new coach - Gjore Jovanovski. I think he is the best Macedonian coach, the former national team manager. Jovanovski is one of the most successful coaches in Macedonia, but he also have an international experience working at Samsunspor in Turkey and CSKA Sofia in Bulgaria.

But there is more. Belasica brought lot of good players. The winter transfer window is still open and every day somebody sign for Belasica. So far came Gligor Doncev from Osogovo Kocani, Besar Gudzufi from Vardar, Oliver Peev and Benjamin Demir. According to the club officials, lot of more new players are expected in the next 10 days. The atmosphere in the squad is excellent, while the fans are expecting Belasica to avoid the relegation. Tikves are solid team, but I expect to suffer against motivated Belasica. Both teams played two friendly games in 2020, one in February and one in July. Belasica won both with 3:1 and I expect to win again. "
LOST Score: 2:3 Profit: -1
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  • 1
    InsideSport 21/01/2021 12:28:31
    I like your preview but this is ringing in my ear: 'So, this should be an equal match and the odds are reasonable.'

    Well, if it is an equal match then the odds 2.05 (cca 48%) for a home win are not a value, but I think you did not mean this and did not express your thought correctly. Also, I see that value on transfermarkt of these teams is pretty equal. Considering how poor home form is and how good away form is (there is a league difference but still), I will wait for live. I am leaning to backing this bet and if they start the game solid there might be room even for better odds. Good luck!
  • 2
    Mackbet 21/01/2021 13:42:16
    Yes, I think the odds are reasonable based on main data: the bottom club of top flight division against the second placed team from the Second Division. But as I wrote, Belasica started with new coach and bought some good players. Jovanovski will definitely push the players to give the maximum in this match. However, don't forget this is just a friendly match.
  • 3
    tipster X 21/01/2021 13:43:13
    any livescore on this game mate?
  • 4
    CK 21/01/2021 14:21:00
    What time is the kick off? Can’t find this bet at IBC & SBO 
  • 5
    InsideSport 21/01/2021 14:26:30
    CK: What time is the kick off? Can’t find this bet at IBC & SBO 

    0:2 14. minute. Pin88 has it. I took +0 at 1.73 now.
  • 6
    Mackbet 21/01/2021 16:02:45
    Strange game. Wish I have skipped. Sorry
  • 7
    Mackbet 21/01/2021 16:36:54
    Strange game. Wish I have skipped. Sorry
  • 8
    InsideSport 21/01/2021 16:38:20
    Mackbet: Strange game. Wish I have skipped. Sorry

    It can happen in friendlies which are always tricky. No point in lingering after a bad game, moving on to the next one.

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