Bayern - PSG

UEFA Champions League
Asian Handicap
Pick: PSG +0.5
Odds: 2
Stake: 1

Match date: 07/04/2021

One of the most intriguing matches will take place in Allianz Arena tomorrow night where reigning champions Bayern hosts PSG in a repeat of last year’s final match.

Both teams head to this match with important missing players, but I believe that Bayern will suffer the most the absence of Lewandowski. No need to mention his great impact in Bayern’s game. Although Bayern has performed quite well without Lewa under Flick (in ten games without Lewa, Bayern has won nine), I believe in this match due to its importance, his absence will be felt a lot. Beside Lewa, Bayern will have to do also without Costa, Roca and Tolisso, while Gnabry is a doubt for tomorrow according to Flick’s interview today.

PSG also with important missings as Verratti and Florenzi both out with Covid, while Icardi and Bernat suffer injury while Paredes is suspended. The most important absence will be that of Verratti, while the other players could be replaced.

In this circumstances I don’t think that Bayern should be such favorite and IMO odds on Paris +0.5 have great value.

I believe that the reasons for such high odds on PSG is related to their recent results. PSG is finding tough competition this season for the title in France and are coming to this match after a disappointing defeat from Lille.  This defeat has left Mauricio Pochettino’s side three points adrift at the top.

Bayern on the other hand coming to this match after a very important win against Laipzig, their only potential rival in Bundesliga this season and now can focus entirely in this match.

To sum up, due to current circumstances in both teams, I believe that this match is closer than the bookies suggests and I find value backing PSG not to lose at such odds. Although it is not easy to predict a winner is these kind of matches, the firing power of Neymar, Mbappe and Di Maria are very important and combining with Lewa’s absence for Bayern, I think PSG could take something out of this.  

WIN Score: 2:3 Profit: +1
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  • 1
    AsianBesTrader 06/04/2021 20:12:34
    verratti and parades out together, quite big problem in possession. nice work anyways
  • 2
    AsianBesTrader 06/04/2021 20:13:03
    AsianBesTrader: verratti and parades out together, quite big problem in possession. nice work anyways

    i ve personally backed Bayern @2.1 earlier
  • 4
    Klevis 06/04/2021 22:27:26
    Hi, you are right the absence of Verratti and Paredes will surely impact the possession of PSG, but in this match I expect Bayern to take the initiative and try to build more. So in this context my expectations are that PSG will try to take advantage from the counterattacks and the speed and creativity of Neymar Mbappe and Di Maria could create big problems to Bayern’s defense. But of course anything can happen in these kind of games and every result is on table. Also the absence of Lewa in attack could be decisive. I don’t see who could go near his capabilities in Bayern’s squad. The attacking maneuver of Bayern will suffer big deal. So this kind of odds on Bayern’s win seems to short to me. 
  • 5
    Klevis 06/04/2021 22:35:26
    Yes that was me...heheh long time ago 2009. I was still in my first steps in the betting world. Those were good times but I stopped writing cuz I focused on other things in life and betting was just a hobby and betting in a lot of leagues. Now in the last couple of years I have taken a more serious approach and betting has become my main activity. I focus on few leagues and I dedicate a lot of time in studying teams and it has been good profits.  I discovered this site and I liked it since the begging so I thought I could start and share my ideas. I hope I deliver good tips to you
  • 6
    E.Ricardo 06/04/2021 23:27:07
    Gnabry out, maybe odds will drop for PSG. Your point of view is getting stronger I think. I agree that counters will definitely be a part of PSG's strategy, and at this point maybe Bayern's squad depth isn't enough for the 90'.

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