Azerbaijan - Serbia

Asian Handicap
Pick: Serbia -1 AH
Odds: 1.5
Stake: 1

Match date: 30/03/2021

Qualifications for the World Cup 2022

Azerbaijan is hosting Serbia in a game of the 3rd round. After what have been seen so far, the guests are absolute favourites in this match.

Serbia has entered these qualifications with new head coach, legendary Dragan Piksi Stojković who was able right away to turn everything around in and around the team. On good of course. We saw two very good games, both at home, 3:2 victory over Ireland and 2:2 draw vs Portugal. In both of those games, Serbia was conceding first, against Portugal it was even two goal deficit but both times they have achieved desired result. That shows this team is with great character and big confidence. Do not forget Portugal is currently one of strongest not just European but also World best football nations. And Serbia was better opponent in that game, team with more chances. Still, it should be pointed out Ronaldo has scored 90+3 minute regular goal but referee missed that ball has crossed the goal line.

In and case, big game and big result for Serbia.

Now they are on the first visit. Azerbaijan surely isn't San Marino, Gibraltar or some of those countries level but they are still big underdogs for this new and improved Serbian team.

The host has played only one game so far, that was Round 1 road game against Portugal but on the neutral location (Turin, Italy). Back then it was only 1:0 loss but huge dominance by the Portuguesse team, 67% ball possession and even 29 shots on goal.

Later on the day when we had Round 2 matches, Azerbaijan has played friendly game against WC 2022 host country, Qatar and lost 2:1. Back then Azerbaijan was resting few of their better players who are expected to be back in the team now.

Still, everything here should depend on Serbia.

I expect changes in the Serbian team too. But no worries, this is one deep squad.

The defender Nikola Milenković is sure to be out due to red card earned late in the game vs Portugal. Instead of him Uroš Spajić is expected to start. It's possible we are going to see the change on goal too. Dmitrović has made huge mistake in injury time just before above described situation when Ronaldo's goal was missed by referee. So it's possible Predrag Rajković to start now and in my opinion he is better goalkeeper of the two.

In attack Serbia is with numerous available options. Aleksandar Mitrović with three goals in two games as well Dušan Vlahović with one, both have been great. Thus, Luka Jović who is Real Madrid player on loan to Frankfurt, in both games has played only in the few final minutes as a substitute. Fact Jović who in my opinion is great too, was without big minutes, speak in favour Serbia is super strong upfront. Jović is fresh and no surprise if this time he start in the best eleven, probably together with Mitrović. 

Radonjić who has played second half against Portugal and who probably was a key man for comeback, could start now. His spead is insane and additional plus in Serbian game plan.

The bottom line, I don't expect too easy victory but Serbia is much stronger squad of the two and definitely should win this. So on this alternative -1 AH line I feel pretty safe cause in worst case this could be push bet. 

VOID Score: 1:2 Profit: 0
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  • 1
    Maradona 30/03/2021 21:13:52
    At the end only push bet. Mitrovic did his thing, as usual, scored twice but funny penalty for Azerbaijan, funny to say at least, prevented this bet being winner.

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