Austria vs North Macedonia

Asian Handicap
Pick: 1 (-0.5)
Odds: 1.81
Stake: 1

Match date: 13/06/2021

Austria are big favorites in the opening match against N.Macedonia. The game will be played in Bucharest in Romania, so no home advantage for any side. I expect an interesting clash, however I will suggest Austria victory. There are two reasons for my pick.

First of all, the Macedonians are debutantes. They already wrote the history by reaching their first major tournament. At the same time this will be third European Championship tournament for Austrians. This fact should not be underestimated. I think the Macedonian players could be confused, Somebody may argue that captain Goran Pandev is experienced, but I disagree - he is old. Old and slow. Pandev is able to produce some magic, he could score a goal or provide an assist, but most of the time N.Macedonia will have a player "less".

The second reason for my pick is connect with the mutual games between these two national teams. I have watched lot of games of my national team in Skopje. Many of them were defeats from the top European sides. We lost 2:0 to Spain in 1994, we lost 2:1 to England in 2003, again we lost 1:0 to England in 2006, we lost 2:1 to the Netherlands in 2008, we lost 1:0 to Spain in 2015, we lost 3:2 to Italy in 2016, we lost 2:1 to Spain in 2017. But just once we was powerless and totally outplayed - on 10 June 2019. We lost 4:1 to Austria. The full stadium was quiet like never before. Macedonia scored first, in the 18th minute. But after that Austria dominated and scored four goals securing a 4:1 victory. Even at 1:1 we have no hopes about the result. It is clear their style of playing isn't suitable for us.

WIN Score: 3:1 Profit: +0.81
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