Under / Over
Pick: Over 3.5
Odds: 1.87
Stake: 1

Match date: 17/10/2020
Last 3 rounds left in Finnish league Kakkonen and this game between newcomers(both teams promoted last season) Atlantis vs. HJS smells full of goals.Atlantis this season have scored 32 and concended 30 goals in 14 games, that means 4.4 goals/game and their average at home is even higher(4.9).HJS average scored goals is 3.4 goals/game and away(3.9).Even more important reasons than these numbers are that Atlantis FC squad included over 10 African&South American borned players and they are most technical and attacking powers in this league, but also they are less discipline to defend and after couple of brilliant play there is suddenly full chaos on their own goal..i mean discipline of teamwork is not their strenght.Other thing why i choose this pick is that there is 3 rounds left and both teams are safe in table, so im 100% sure that today we come to see very attacking minded game like every season(last rounds) games are when both teams have minimal stakes left. "
WIN Score: 3:5 Profit: +0.87
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  • 1
    Mladen 17/10/2020 13:21:52
    U r doing good job,tnx.
  • 2
    Mladen 17/10/2020 13:22:24
    U r doing good job,tnx.
  • 4
    Robert Munter 17/10/2020 13:35:25
    Not really suprise me that bet win already after 31th minute, cheers!

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