Athlone - UCD

Under / Over
Pick: Under 3.5 Goals
Odds: 1.65
Stake: 1

Match date: 28/05/2021

First Division

UCD have played 4 away matches this season. All 4 have gone over 3.5 goals. This is not sustainable, so they are due an under 3.5 game. The Dublin college side started the season like a train, scoring 21 goals in their first 7 matches. In their most recent two however, they've only scored 1 goal, so there are potential signs that their goal rush is slowing somewhat.

Athlone have played 4 home games and all 4 games have gone over 2.5 goals. Only 1 of those 4 games went over 3.5 and that was the first game of the season that ended with a 3-1 win over Galway. I think overall, Athlone aren't showing to be a high scoring team. 14 goals from 9 matches kinds backs that stat up. Neither side are conceding many either, both average around 1 goal conceded per game.

Generally, there isn't much to say about an under 3.5 goals bet. I just feel that if we back this bet 100 times at these odds, we'll make a decent amount of profit, no matter if this bet wins or loses on this occasion.

LOST Score: 2:3 Profit: -1
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