Aston Villa : Manchester City

Asian Handicap
Pick: Aston Villa +1.25
Odds: 2.04
Stake: 1

Match date: 01/12/2021

The home team on the up since Steven Gerrard has taken over as new coach for Villa icon Dean Smith whose all in all very successful  days had come to an end after a series of 5 losses in a row.  Another clear sign that the team owners have rather big ambitions after their big investment into the squad last summer. Gerrards start really successful with 2 wins against BHA and Palace. Anyway, today Gerrards first real big test will be against the Skyblues. Pep Guardiolas men trailing Chelsea at the top spot in the table by 1 point. They come from a 2:1 home win against iform West Ham. Especilly Cit?es defense so stable but I could see Villa to score today like in all of their EPL home games so far this season. Gerrards general philosophy of football rather offensive - minded. I expect a real entertaining game in the Villa Park with Stevie G and his boys making life hard for Pep & Co at Birmingham tonight

HALF WIN Score: 1:2 Profit: +0.52
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