Argentina - Colombia

1X2 / Moneyline
Pick: Argentina
Odds: 1.952
Stake: 1

Match date: 07/07/2021

Copa América - Brazil 2021, semifinals 

The host of the tournament, Brazil is already in the finals after beating Peru yesterday, how else than with narrow 1:0 score. That was their second knockout game and second 1:0 score. 

Now in the match between Argentina and Colombia we are going to find out the second finalist. In my opinion no doubt it should be Argentina. 

Lot of here from my point of view is on the Argentinian side while the odds are keep raising. But I don't care about that, for me Argentina is the pick and now when the prize is almost high as even odds, for me that's great value.

Argentina was very well on this tournament. After playing 1:1 draw in the opening round of the group stage, they have achieved four straight victories including the last one 3:0 over Ecuador in the QF. That wasn't good result for me cause I was on under in that match. But no regrets about the pick. It was good bet, valid reasons and the game itself confirmed it. Given it was only 1:0 till five minutes left in regular 90, we could call it unfortunate loss. Especially that 90+3 minute free kick from which Messi has scored the third goal. The referee firstly called the penalty but after VAR check, he changed it to free kick inches outside of the box although the slow motion clearly was showing at least one meter outside. But ok, now that's over. It's more important that Argentina continue to play as described in those earlier previews, patiently, without haste, calm and above all very strong in defense. That's coach Scaloni style. 

So far on the tournament Argentina has conceded only two goals in five games.  

Given on the Colombian offensive struggles, I wouldn't be surprised to Argentina remains on those two conceded goals also after this match. 

Colombia was able to eliminate Uruguay in the QF. I didn't expect something like that. They weren't better team in that match but it was more or less equal game. At the end in the battle of two experienced goalkeepers, Ospina was better than Muslera on penalty roulette.

Today Colombia will have back important player Juan Cuadrado who was absent last time due to suspension. His missing was one of the reasons why I went against Colombia in that match. But even with him in the team in the earlier games, Colombia was far from dangerous squad when attack is in question. 

The last time when Argentina and Colombia met each other was just recently, before Copa America. That was game from the World Cup qualifications. Back then Colombia was the host so the odds on Argentina were even better. It started all smoth for Argentina who was 0:2 up already after first 7 minutes. But after the penalty was given to Colombia early in the second half, we entered in the interesting finish and eventually with lot of luck, Colombia has scored in the 90+4 for final 2:2. 

In my opinion no way Colombians could get away again. Especially not in game like this where there is no Extra Time in case of draw but penalties would decide immediately. That being said, Argentina will finish the job in regulation. 

LOST Score: 1:1 Profit: -1
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