Antofagasta - U. Catolica

Asian Handicap
Pick: away -0.25
Odds: 1.93
Stake: 1

Match date: 29/07/2021

I report this single now because the day of the race I think it will go down. I would have played equally convinced even if it had come out -0.5 because in my opinion Universidad Catolica is not worth that share against Antofagasta even if you play away from home. Univeridad Catolica lost a few points in the league in the period they were engaged in the libertadores cup where after passing the groups they went out against the Brazilians of Palmeiras in the second round, so now the concentration goes all for the championship since the Chilean championship has the system like the European championships or round trip. The team in Chile is one of the most successful and has been dominating this championship for years, and this year they are even stronger than last season. Given the points lost and the short ranking in the top positions and without other commitments, they will face all the next matches to win and extend in the standings. I think they will win this game and anyway -0.25 is a great play.

LOST Score: 3:2 Profit: -1
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